• The Ultimate Park City Boat Rental

    Though it is much more famous for the winter month and the activities taking place during that time, Park City is actually one of the most enjoyable places to stay during the summer months. From gorgeous hiking trails, to beautiful lakes, everywhere you look is a new wonder just waiting to be discovered. This is precisely why we decided to take Park City's summer activities up a notch; welcome to the Park City Ultimate Boat Experience, and welcome to your perfect vacation!

    Imagine; the sun shining brightly down from above, the cool water speeding past you, and the incredible Park City scenery all around. Now, try imagining that exact scene with a gorgeous 2013 Malibu Axis A22 ski boat. Throw in a driver and instructor, a gourmet lunch with a cooler of cold drinks, a multitude of fun water activities (from which you can choose)—such as waterskiing, knee boarding, wake surfing, tubing and a personal instructor to teach you to do all of them—and an opportunity just to sit back and relax with the Park City sun burning down from above, and you can see how incredible this service really can be.

  • Why Our Boat Rentals

    Truly, with our boat renting service, we can provide you an incredible experience that is nearly unsurpassable. Even better, we offer a multitude of different unforgettable experiences, such as kids training camps, extreme adventure, thrill ride, the Lake Powell experience and moonlight rides, all completely unique and all incredibly fun.

    Plus, with breathtaking views everywhere along our most popular boating locales—including the Jordanelle-you'll soon see why boating is fast becoming the go-to activity here in Park City. So, if you are looking for a fantastic way to spend you Park City summer vacation, contact us today! You are truly in for the vacation of a lifetime!