The Boat

It's hard to have a boating trip without an awesome boat, which is exactly why we made sure to get the very best. The 2013 Axis A22 Wakeboard Boat is one of the best boats on the market, defining precisely what boating is supposed to be like. It's sharp, photogenic, and is incredibly high quality from both a performance and an appearance standpoint; but, what truly makes it such a perfect boat is the experience that it offers.

With a seating capacity of 15 persons, a powerful 450 HP Indmar Engine, and a shape that is perfect for wakeboarding, this boat is powerful and enjoyable. You'll have a blast out on the water with our expert driver, and will have an incredible time wakeboarding in the gorgeous waters of Park City. Even better, it has comfortable seating, an intuitive dash, raw power, plenty of storage—for those long trips—and an aesthetic design that truly is worth looking at.

Why We Chose It

Besides the reasons stated above, this really is a boat built for group excursions and fun on the lake. Even though it is really fast and powerful, it isn't the fastest nor the most powerful; it's built for fun (more specifically wakeboarding) and that makes it the perfect boat for this experience.

Even with that said, this boat is perhaps one of the best parts of Park City Ultimate Boat and reflects precisely what we are trying to offer you. A high quality, enjoyable boating experience that you won't ever forget! And don't forget! With the boat, you'll also have access to all the incredible accessories, including your choice of wakeboards, wake surfboards, water skis, wake skates, multiple tubes, giant tubes, wake skates, life jackets, wetsuits, and more! All so we can make sure you have an incredible time.

Trust us; you will love Park City Ultimate Boat! Call today to schedule your day on the lake.